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Do parents/caregivers attend the classes?

Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend and participate.

What is Professor Eli’s World?

It’s a special experience where kids can escape and be themselves.  They can create and use their imaginations.

What happens during a one-hour class?

Eli starts the class with music and dancing, using varied genres to include classical, rock, hip hop and international music.  Storytelling and poetry is tied into the music and dance and children will be encouraged to react to the story session by answering a “question of the day” and doing a related projects/activities.

Who is Professor Eli?

Elijah Shaheen is a graduate of SUNY Purchase’s Screenwriting and Playwriting program. As a filmmaker, writer, actor and singer, Elijah pulls together his talents to create a world where kids can just be kids and let their imaginations run wild. 

What is the educational value of this program?

Since the children will be exposed to music, movement and stories, they will learn to have an appreciation for the arts.  The class will include responsive interactions that stimulate their creativity.  Children will expand their vocabulary through the stories and be exposed to rhyming words and poetry.

What else will the children learn?

Eli’s program offers social respect through example and encourages children to treat others kindly.  The students experience joy as they discover new things about themselves and the world around them.  They will learn to be accepting of all beings and to appreciate differences.