DRUMS and PERCUSSION LESSONS at The Cortlandt School of Performing Arts



Choose a 30 minute, 45 minute or one hour lessons.  Lessons are available for all ages, beginners through advanced levels.

In an effort to develop well-rounded musicians, the staff incorporates ear training, music theory, music history and sight-reading into all lessons and provides exercises to develop strength, flexibility and musicianship.

Call the school to discuss the right length and level for your private lesson and to schedule an initial "trial lesson" before registration.  



Barbara Allen

Dennis Dwyer

Todd Isler



  • THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE AT CSPA. We don't see the point of charging you to print out a piece of paper!

  1. REGISTRATION FOR THE FALL SEMESTER will take place 3 weeks before the beginning of the school year. Lesson slots will be scheduled with former students choosing times that week, then new students can schedule their slots two weeks before the start of school. Sibling lessons during the same time slot will be scheduled first. If you are starting mid-semester, we will fit you in somewhere, we promise.

  2. REGISTRATION FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER will take place the 2nd week in January, by appointment. 914-402-4250

  • THERE ARE NO RECITAL FEES for your child to perform for family and friends. There are 2 required recitals a year, on Sunday afternoons. (See calendar) Please mark your calendar!

  • We follow the Hendrick Hudson School District Calendar and we do not schedule lessons during school vacations.

  • There is a cancellation policy described in your contract, and we will strictly adhere to it. Please do not ask to be an exception to the rule. We have so many students and it is difficult to make changes in times.

  • We accept MC/ Visa / Discover, Checks or Cash.

  • Lessons are billed by the semester, but we are able to accommodate a flexible payment schedule - 2-3 payments per semester - Whatever works for you!

  • SUMMER SCHEDULING is much more flexible than the school year. We don't schedule lessons when you or your teacher is on vacation! We call this a "relaxed" summer schedule and it makes it easy for you to schedule lessons only when you are "in town", rather than trying to make-up missed lessons.

  • PARENT PERKS: REGISTERED STUDENTS GET A FREE LESSON for anyone they recommend to our school, that signs up for at least one full semester. They must tell us AT REGISTRATION that you recommended them to CSPA, not after.