ADRIENNE KNAUER - Harp Instructor

Harpist Adrienne Knauer's musical path has currently led her to pursue a Masters of Music in Harp Performance at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At Temple University, she was awarded the position of Academic Intern under the tutelage of Elizabeth Hainen, Principal Harpist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. This past year she has performed with the Temple Symphony Orchestra and Curtis Symphony Orchestra. Adrienne earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Penn State University in 2009 under the instruction of Ruth Hunter. She continued her harp studies at Penn State in 2010 and received a Professional Performance Certificate. At Penn State, she performed with the Penn State Philharmonic Orchestra, Williamsport Symphony, Music at Penn's Woods Orchestra, and Nittany Lion Symphony. She has had the opportunity to perform in masterclasses with world renowned harpists such as Susan Jolles, Deborah Hoffman, Maria Luisa-Rayan Forero, Dan Yu, and Sivan Magen. 

Being an accomplished performer and teacher are Adrienne's goals as a musician. She currently teaches private harp and piano lessons to students in Philadelphia and New York. She believes that every child has great potential and adjusts her teaching style to fit the needs of the student. Adrienne is classically trained but enjoys pop, jazz, and broadway as well. Her philosophy is whichever genre appeals to a child and will make them have the will to learn a song or piece on a musical instrument is what is important.